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After negotiating all details and setting the price the process is as follows: 

Both parties sign binding order, which includes these points:


 model type


first registering (second hand car)






price including customs duties and value added tax                                                                                                                    (base for calculation is actual exchange rate of the American or Canadian dollar)


payment conditions


Thanks to the premium contacts of our German partner in USA and Canada we


now order the car of your dreams!


After its transport into Germany (Bremerhaven) the car will undergo homologation inspection.                                                       After its completion the car is picked up and transported to you.


The settled price includes these extra services:

Aufzählung insurance and transport in USA or Canada
Aufzählung shipping 
Aufzählung harbor fees in German harbor Bremerhaven
Aufzählung homologation inspection and German documents for the freight car,granting
Aufzählung the exception 
Aufzählung transport insurance to the place of delivery
Aufzählung customs duties and value added tax                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

And this all means that you as customer will have no dealings with authorities and paper work!


Of course we do not provide this service only in Hungary but in all Europe as well !

Delivery period - it usually takes up to 4-8 weeks, in extraordinary cases, for example

unusual model or highly demanded models, the period might be correspondingly longer.

 Hereby we would like to make a short statement to the price:

Thanks to the premium contacts of our German partner in USA and Canada we are able

to keep our prices at minimal possible level. Besides we offer you the possibility to obtain your

 new car by the means of financial leasing or loan – regardless the fact whether you are private

client or company. We will be happy to offer you cooperation with our major leasing and bank partners.

You will find help from us also after the purchase of the car and in searching for spare parts.

With us you may order also additional equipment, for example hardtop for your convertible,

larger wheels and many others. Furthermore we offer rust protective varnishing of car cavities and spraying

of chassis by protective layer, so that you can enjoy your new car long and without troubles.

All works including adjustment, tuning, inspections and repairs can be performed in our garage

specializing in US-Cars.

             Contacts us and we will

    Get you your dream car!