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European insulation and European ambience combined with Canadian comfort. Glendale has provided this combination for you. Glendale has been major Canadian manufacturer since 1950. Production brand TITANIUM provided for the emergence of European semi-trailer mobile home, unique in its details and protected by industrial property rights.  


Selection of decors



Decor "GREY"

Decor “BLUE"


Decor "BROWN"



Chassis, axles, brake
Zinc coated a varnished Z profiles.
Aluminum reinforcements, double axle Dextar with independent wheel suspension.
Comfort chassis, complying with European standards, electro-controlled brake ALB/ABI,
all parts comply with technical and safety regulations of the European Union.

Semi-trailer coupling device
Coupling device with adjustable height, adjustable to all standard models of pick up cars.
2 independent rotating devices for vertical and horizontal alignment.
European certification mark.

"Frost resistant" insulation, laminated floor made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber, 75mm thick layer of hard insulation foam Styroform.
Reinforcement by aluminum profiles, polyethylene vapor barrier.

"Frost resistant" insulation, laminated roof made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber, 75mm thick layer of hard insulation foam Styroform. Additional upper seamless layer of PVC. You can walk on the roof surface.  

"Frost resistant" insulation, laminated walls made of plastic reinforced with glass fiber, 75mm thick layer of hard insulation foam Styroform.
Reinforcement by aluminum profiles. Stable light construction. Front and rear walls (front has got rain drain recede) are finished with plastic parts ABS.
Rear buffer with inside reinforcement, jalousie ABS along the whole perimeter, harmonized in gray hue.

Other external equipment
Chrome coated ladder on the rear fixed to the roof, small roof guardrail. Complete electric equipment (blinkers, brake lights etc.). Hinged handle next to the entrance door, entrance light.  
Various flap stoppers, reserve wheel, two telescopic supporting rods with manual handle control.
On the right side sidelong marquise. White / silver color. Construction – aluminum arms, manual folding.
Its length depends on the type of the model (ca 50% of the total length).

Entrance door is ca 80 cm wide, standard passable height, with rounded upper corners. Built in window, safety system against breaking in, second inside door with mesh against insects. 3 hinged steps under the door with built in light, ABS.

Extendible oriels
According to type of the model 1-3 oriels. Integrated motor drive 12V, manual handle for emergency cases.
Insulation along the whole perimeter without possibility of thermal transfers (see Walls).
The living room area might be used with oriels pulled inside.

Reflex tinted glass made of real glass, thermally insulating. Black anodized round aluminum frames. Tilting angles 40/60%.

Storage area for gas containers
with separate external doors with capacity 2-3 gas containers with automated switching.

protected by double bottom with large enough built in openings for maintenance.      Frost  resistant insulation and supplementary heating.                           
Drinkingwater: tank capacity ca 225 liters   
Waste water: tank capacity ca 185 liters
Waste water from WC: tank capacity ca 185 liters

built in on roof, Dometic brand. Manual control, central distribution of cooled air.

Satellite aerial / TV
Cables are factory built in the walls; there is a possibility of additional installation of satellite aerial.
The cables are located in the walls in such a way that there is possibility to connect more TV sets.



Double bed of approximate measures 2,05m x 1,65m, comfortable mattress on lamellas, spacious storage space under the bed, 2 consoles, suspended cabinets, separate wardrobe, 1 window on left side and 1 on the right side, color harmonized carpet, radio clock, central internal light, along the whole perimeter nozzles with warm air, separate ventilation through roof, the door to the bedroom is fitted with mirror.

Bathtub/shower, folding shower partition, 2-lever mixing water tap with shower. WC with central flushing, pressure flushing into separate tank with special malodor lock. Washbasin with mixing water tap, various suspended cabinets, mirror cabinet, PVC flooring, central light.

Corner kitchen or kitchenette, desk with plastic surface. Front parts of kitchen cabinets, suspended cabinets and storage spaces are made of solid wood finished with wooden veneer. Push-Locks, drawers with special rails, sliding and hinged
doors. Frontparts partially fitted with mirrors.   Fridge with freezer – double door,               capacity 226 liters.  Drive – gas combined with AC Current.  3-burner stove with safety lock and piezoelectric ignition.
Hot oven – separate oven with output 34.000 BTU
Microwave oven - Dometic with rotating disc, running on AC current.                     Sink – large double sink with cover, depending on the type of the model 2/1 lever mixing water tap.
Kitchen exhaust fan – kitchen fan with 12V drive.
Other equipment – at least 1 window above the desk, central light, and color harmonized PVC flooring.

Dining room
Separately standing dining table, décor harmonized to the kitchen desk, real oak chairs. The type of model 24E29 is fitted with 2 chairs; all other models are delivered with 4 chairs. At least 1 window above the dining table, central light, and color harmonized PVC flooring similarly to kitchen.

Living room
Wardrobe for the living room and various suspended cabinets, front parts are made of solid wood finished with wooden veneer. Push-Locks, hinged doors, front parts partially fitted with mirrors. Double settee, according to type of the model transformable to bed for 1-2 persons, table. In some models 2 individual armchairs with small table. Color harmonized carpet. Various roof ventilators, central light.

Electric lines: AC current
It is possible to connect to CEE 230V. Complete cable lines in the mobile home. Solar 12V accumulators supply the complete mobile home by electric current. Transformer 12V to AC current for supplying all appliances, for example microwave oven etc., power 30 A. Voltage equalizer.

Electric lines: 12V
Various outputs in the whole mobile home for 12V appliances.

Water distribution
Central pressure system with distribution to all distribution places. Supplementary outside shower.

Hot water
Atwood/Dometic central distribution of hot water, controlled by thermostat,        distribution to all rooms by pump. Combined drive gas/AC current,                         hot water tank ca 50 l.      

Safety system
Smoke alarm and gas leakage alarm in all rooms.



Comfort package: Automated air-conditioning with 30% higher performance
Digital controlled
Distribution to all rooms
In each room 12V ventilator operated by thermostat
Central system of air intake and exhaustion

Interior package: Fluorescent internal lights in all rooms
Day and night jalousies
In some rooms PVC flooring replaced by real oak wooden floor

Super package: Stereophonic hi-fi 5 surround system in the living room, DVD,    5 speakers
Stereophonic hi-fi with CD player and remote control in the bedroom
Integrated solar re-charger for the possibility to install additional solar system
System of air recycling for serial air-conditioning
Special one lever mixing water tap fitted in the kitchen
Graphics package on the outside walls
Mirror on the door to the bedroom
Cabinets above heads and suspended cupboards in design “decorative glass”
Automated roof ventilation in all rooms
 Oak floor laths
Upper suspended cabinets in the bedroom
Microwave oven – stainless steel design
Lights in suspended cupboards
Distribution of electricity – transformer 12V to Ac current with a capacity          35% higher
Comfortable corner settee, foldable into bed for 2 persons
Automated motor driven front supports
Supplementary double glazing of the standard thermally insulating windows
Water pump with special cleaning system of filters

Alternative to the surcharge packages is the possibility to order individual items, for example double glazing, motor driven supports etc.

Some types of models offer the possibility to order additional number of folding beds for comfortable sleep of up to 6 persons.